‘ENERGY SHOT’ Beverage Additive (280 mg)

$ 45.00

15 ML bottle with dropper.  
Add some drops into water, coffee, or any other beverage and enjoy!


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Pur IsoLabs’  Full Spectrum CBD “Energy” Beverage Additive is extremely effective.  Each 15 ml bottle contains 280 mg of active cannabinoids, with 1 drop equalling 1.25 mg.   A built in lid dropper makes it simple to dispense the desired amount of drops. Just add some drops into your water, coffee, or any other beverage and enjoy! This additive has a very high bioavailability due to its purity and water miscible formulation, making it one of our best sellers.

Ingredients:  Whole plant hemp extract, terpenes, capris/caprilic triglycerides, polysorbate 80, calcium phosphate.  * Contains <0.3% THC.


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